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Who are we in Council 8233?

We are a growing council with diverse backgrounds who are of all ages.  Our members are actively involved in the church and our communities. We have won many awards for service as a council; we are also very proud of our members and widows who have won recognition for their individual service separate from our council to the community at large.  We are a growing council who reaches out to the needy, helps those in crisis, and have a strong fraternal connection to each other as practicing Catholics. 

We are baseball and hockey coaches, we are members of other service clubs and on boards of directors, we are stay-at-home dads, factory workers, insurance agents, executives, retired, students in university, former members of the military, current members of the military, firemen, policemen, teachers, computer techs, therapists, and yes, even unemployed.  If you decide to join our council, you not only get all the benefits of being a part of the Knights, but you are a part of a growing, vibrant and strong council who is committed to our church and community and country.    To see what we as a council do specifically, feel free to take a look at our calendar and the bulletins posted on this site.

For an in-depth look at who we are as an organization, please click onto the link below to take you to Who We Are page:

Why Join The Knights

So you want to join our council?  Congratulations!  Here is a link that will gather some information about you so that we can contact you regarding your intentions:

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Thanks for taking the time to browse our web site! 
Greg Coulter
Bulletin/Web Editor