Here are the Rosary files for use. These were given by Supreme on CD and were converted to MP3 format. Each can be downloaded and burned to CD or saved on a media player.

Joyful Mysteries Download (20 MB)

Luminous Mysteries Download (20MB)

Sorrowful Mysteries (20 MB)

Glorious Mysteries (20 MB)

EWTN Rosary Page with various versions that can be downloaded and either burned to CD or copied to a media player as above.

Another Rosary mp3 site: Real Life Rosary

Council 8233 Life Page 

Council  8233 Advertisers page

Knights of Columbus Council 8233 Pictures Archived

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Catholic Educators Resource

Catholic Exchange & Scripture Study

Search Engine for Catholics

National Inst. For Renewal of the Priesthood

Scripture Verse of the Day

CFHR Institute

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